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Produced by Christian D Harrad and David "lhe thief" Arrowsmith

Drum Programming, Guitars, Percussion - Christian D Harrad
Bass, Keyboards - David "lhe thief" Arrowsmith
Words - Chris Flook (if you look inna de book as i would say)
executive producer - satan
Tape operator - marcus garvey (y'know)
teaboy - haille selassie

Featuring : Christian D Harrad, Flookie, I David
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<![CDATA[I Don't Know Much Abou DUB (In Dub) - Christian D Harrad]]> https://talawa.fr/media/i-dont-know-much-abou-dub-in-dub-christi-uxnX2 Thu, 22 Dec 2011 17:48:24 +0100 Christian D Harrad Video > Other video
Recorded On 8track Reel to Reel In Chelmsford, Essex. 2001

Track written by Christian D Harrad

Produced by Christian D Harrad

Mixed at Goldmaster Studio , Saaaaaafend - on- sea By........ yup , you guessed it , Christian D Harrad.

Bass, Piano, Organ, Drum Programming, Guitars - Christian D Harrad

I was rather happy when I came up with this track on my 4 track cassette machine late one night in 2000. I decided to record it on Little Dave's 8 track machine and Gary James sung a vocal 'Sweetest Feeling' over it

I was well happy I had come up with such an original and poptastic reggae tune,
Only a few weeks ago this year did I realise that it is RATHER close to the 'Baba boom time' riddim

Oh well, happens to us all

Which producer hasn't built a tune and been so chuffed with it , like inventing the wheel or something, only to realise that it is 'pretty much' just a copy of something really obvious like 'Real rock'

Featuring : Christian D Harrad, Gary James, Jah Freemason, John Wilkes Booth, Osama Bin Laden
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<![CDATA[Ecological Version - The Goldmaster Allstars (Eco Warrior Riddim)]]> https://talawa.fr/media/ecological-version-the-goldmaster-allsta-u25Gd Thu, 01 Dec 2011 10:36:14 +0100 Christian D Harrad Video > Other video
I had returned to Saaaaaafend and Malc needed some help in mixing and tidying up a bunch of tracks for a long overdue Tena Stelin Album

there wasn't enough strong tracks with Tena Stelin for a full album but I did what I could with what was there , some of the tracks were very rough, some of the earlier Golsmaster recordings when Malc was still working on a Tascam 8 track reel to reel in his back room

I transferred the tunes from the 8 track reel to reel onto the 24 track digital machine and did some tweaking. There is a much cleaner mix of 'Eco Warrior' which i will upload when i get round to it

So I arranged a few of the band to come into studio and overdub some instruments, Malc re-did the piano, Guitarist Pete Condon AKA 'Nefarious P' redid the riddim guitar and put a pick guitar down and I spent a while getting the drums sounding nice and making the flute a bit sweeter.

On the original recording the flute (Played by Hilary Scarrf) peaked in one frequency , sounding 'peircing' so I reduced that paticular frequency and tamed it a bit

Featuring : Christian D Harrad, Tena Stelin, The Goldmaster Allstars
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