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vinyl: www.dubconductor.com
digital download: http://snip.ftpromo.net/worldcryjuno

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<![CDATA[Chucky Bantan ft. Dub Conductor - Who Knows *FREE DOWNLOAD*]]> https://talawa.fr/media/chucky-bantan-ft-dub-conductor-who-knows-2SszU Sat, 16 Apr 2016 11:52:25 +0200 Dub Conductor Audio > Production
BUY THE VINYL HERE>>> www.dubconductor.com/dcm007/

FREE DOWNLOAD ft CHUCKY BANTAN: www.dubconductor.com/music-2/free-download/

----DCM007 INFO----
The seventh release on the Dub Conductor music label features the explosive sounds of Blackout JA on the A-Side, with a track called 'World Cry.' A passionate vocal performance from a singer at the top of his game, Blackout JA eloquently expresses a need for love and unity in a world which is crying out in sufferation. The anthemic vocal is accompanied by a hard hitting melodic baseline and a crisp, punchy riddim created in the Dub Conductor Studios. The B-Side of this release features the energetic synth-based instrumental track, 'Hunting Warrior'. The raw effects and tribal sounds take the listener deep into the echo chamber on a journey of pure musical upliftment.

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