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strictly vinyl selection!

Featuring : Wellette Seyon, chazbo, RebelYouth, Brother Culture, Danny Red, David Jason, Dennis Brown, Dub Judah, Dubkasm, Hugh Mundell, Joy White, Keith Wilson, Lancy Rankin, Larry Marshall, Max Roméo, Michael Rose, Pablo Moses, Roots Tribe, Wayne Mac Arthur, Zed I
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<![CDATA[Rebel Youth Radio]]> https://talawa.fr/media/rebel-youth-radio-88NWB Sun, 31 Jul 2011 00:03:09 +0200 RebelYouth Audio > Radio Show
Featuring : RebelYouth
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<![CDATA[Dub Academy Pt. 3 // Hamburg]]> https://talawa.fr/media/dub-academy-pt-3-hamburg-U8CPF Wed, 16 Mar 2011 14:19:51 +0100 RebelYouth Audio > Live session recordings by: Ganja Muffin

Featuring : King David, I Livity I Fi, Kibish Tribe
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<![CDATA[Dubcafe Soundsystem Yard]]> https://talawa.fr/media/dubcafe-soundsystem-yard-zcraN Tue, 18 May 2010 08:19:32 +0200 RebelYouth Video > Session video
We give thanks to our Hometown-Sound Shantytown for lending us parts of his mighty Soundsystem. We give thanks to all Soundman and Soundwoman who joined us at the decks in a unity session. We give thanks to all friends and family for their help and commitment.

Featuring : RebelYouth, DJ Burning Bush, Ganja Muffin, Hiya Fiya, regEdit, Roots Commandment Sound, Shantytown Soundsystem, Soundshine, Stepping Warrior, Yann Ignition (Heavy Dub)
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<![CDATA[Early Days Of Reggae]]> https://talawa.fr/media/early-days-of-reggae-O8WJ7 Tue, 18 May 2010 07:53:51 +0200 RebelYouth Audio > Mix Tape, Podcast
A nice Mixdown for the first chill-outs in your favourite park..

Unfortunately there are one or two tunes with slightly slack lyrics in the oldschool way..

Featuring : RebelYouth
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<![CDATA[International Stepping]]> https://talawa.fr/media/international-stepping-FXrrd Thu, 15 Apr 2010 21:56:09 +0200 RebelYouth Audio > Mix Tape, Podcast
Cos-Tafari (Rod and Staff, UK)
Marga (Control Tower, France)
Radikal Dub Sound (Digitron, Kroatia)
Dan I (Imperial Roots, Italy)
Izyah Davis meets Coptic Sound (Livication Corner, France)
Ras Hassen-Ti (dreadlyon rec., France)
Ranking Diddy (Dub Flash Records, Germany)
Daweh Congo (Goldheart music, Sweden??)
Carliesa Meakes (Dubateers, UK)
Alpha Omega (Lush records, UK)
Dubcreator (King Shiloh, Netherlands)
Ras Mc Bean (Muzamba, Brazil)
Idren Natural (Higher Regions Records, UK)
Nestori (Intergalaktik Sound, Finland)

and some more..

Sorry i was to lazy to do a tracklist - maybe i will bring it up next days..

Featuring : RebelYouth
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