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1 Forward Ever & Dub 7'' by Jacob Miller
2 Shakey Girl (Special extended mix) by Inner Circle Feat. Jacob Miller
3 Dreamland & Dub (High Note) by Marcia Griffiths
4 Errol Walker - In These Times & Dub (Lee Perry) by Errol Walker
5 Only Jah Know by The Congos
6 Jah Jah A Come & Dub 7" by Everton Dacres
7 Fly Natty Dread by Winston Fergus
8 Coming in from the rock by Prince Far I
9 Jahovah & Dub by Danny Red
10 01 Bass for peace by Mahom Fell In
11 02 The big Empty feat. Lisoun by 2
12 03 Chat sauvage by 3
13 04 Soul fire feat. Art-X by 4
14 05 Dub in Faluja by 5
15 06 Fl a sh by 6
16 07 Jalikeolu (Part Dub) by 7
17 08 The dub boat feat. Spelim & Thomas Kahn by 8
18 09 Land of souls by 9
19 10 Nine lives feat. Lisoun by 10
20 11 Time to by 11
21 12 Spiritual thing by 12
#mixlr #dub #reggae #mahom dub #dub roots reggae

Featuring : Danny Red, Errol Walker (Lee Perry), Everton Dacres, Inner Circle Feat. Jacob Miller, Jacob Miller, Mahom Dub, Marcia Griffiths, Prince Far I, The Congos, Winston Fergus
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<![CDATA[Roberdub Radio - Dub whit a Soundwise Style]]> https://talawa.fr/media/roberdub-radio-dub-whit-a-soundwise-styl-XFq9z Sun, 19 Mar 2017 02:20:30 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Radio Show >
1 ROB & ANGz DUB - (HaPpY BIrThDaY VIDEO) by Rob le Dub Mix 2 Dub Boom by Sly & Robie3 Babylon Shall Fall by Jah Warrior4 Mr. Terror by Dub Terror (Horace Andy)5 Jah No Partial Remix - Lazer Dubs by Johnny Osbourne6 Big Youth Roots Revival by Jah Disciple ( Jah Steppa )7 Created by the Father - extended version - Joe Gibbs records by Dennis Brown8 True Love + Dub by Barrington Levy9 Young Generation by Augustus Pablo, Bongo Pat10 Not responsible + psalm of dub (1974 black & white) by Carlton Patterson & Leroy Brown + King Tubby11 Dub Fire + Fire 'Pon De Witch by Lee Scratch Perry & Mad Professor12 Dub Killer + Version (Iration Steppas Killer) by Ma Kaya13 Wicked Uk Roots by Bashenti Sound14 Cosmic Dub Clash - (10" - 2007 by Martin Campbell Vs Alien Dread15 Separation + dub. by Naphtali16 Roots Of Dub & Immortal Dub & Most High In Dub by King Tubby

Featuring : Jah Warrior, Rob le Dub, King Tubby, Naphtali, Augustus Pablo, Bongo Pat, Barrington Levy, Bashenti sound, Big Youth, Carlton Patterson & Leroy Brown + King Tubby, Dennis Brown, Dub Terror, Johnny Osbourne, Lee Scratch Perry & Mad Professor, Ma Kaya, Martin Campbell Vs Alien Dread, Sly & Robie
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<![CDATA[Roberdub Radio - Give H.I.M Praise Dubsound]]> https://talawa.fr/media/roberdub-radio-give-h-i-m-praise-dubsoun-UkDgB Sat, 04 Mar 2017 21:37:14 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Radio Show
Featuring : Dubmatix, dougie conscious, Barrington Levy, Burning Spear, Devon Irons, Jacob Miller, The Twinkle Brothers
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<![CDATA[Lee Scratch Perry + Mad Professor - JUNGLE ROOTSMAN MIX]]> https://talawa.fr/media/lee-scratch-perry-mad-professor-jungle-r-a5wpL Tue, 28 Feb 2017 05:59:51 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Mix Tape, Podcast
Featuring : Rob le Dub
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<![CDATA[Roberdub Radio - Reggae and The Dancehall in Dub]]> https://talawa.fr/media/roberdub-radio-reggae-and-the-dancehall--MMYLv Fri, 24 Feb 2017 08:39:03 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Radio Show >
1 Ting-A-Ling by Shabba Ranks
2 See me yah + Dub (Hard Drive records) by Prince Alla
3 Freedom Style + Version by U Black
4 Dub Killer + Version (Iration Steppas Killer) by Ma Kaya -
5 Natty don´t fear "Riddim you don't care" by U roy
6 Tempo Attack Turn Dem Back by Nitty Gritty
7 We Rule + Dub by The Dubateers
8 Omega Dub (Melodica Cut) – B1 by Loota (Mass
9 Omega Dub (Dubmix #1) – B2 by Loota (Mass
10 Omega Dub (Dubmix #2) – B3 by Loota (Mass
11 Copy Taker + Dub - 7" Treddie's Prod 1986 by Dennis Inspired Children Robin
12 Don't Run Away 7'' + Version by Michael Levy
13 What's the Name of the Sound 7" by Mr Spaulding
14 Live and Feel 7" by Rootsman I
15 Cyan Be Too Much [Waiting Riddim] January 2017 by Masta Link
16 Swing Easy (US Studio One) by The Soul Vendors
17 Dont Worry Yourself (Jedi) 12 Inch 1984 - Dj VROOTS by Patrick Andy
18 Zungguzungguguzungguzeng by Yellowman
19 Wicked Babylon - Hopeton Lindo - Territory (Tuff Scout 128) by Tommy Clark
20 Unknown Dub (Dubplate) by Alpha & Omega

Featuring : Alpha & Omega, Dennis Inspired Children Robin, Loota (Mass, Ma Kaya, Masta Link, Michael Levy, Mr Spaulding, nitty gritty, Patrick Andy, Prince Alla, Rootsman I, Shabba Ranks, The Dubateers, The Soul Vendors, Tommy Clark, U Black, U Roy, Yellowman
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<![CDATA[Roberdub Radio - On Valentines Day - Dj ROB le Dub]]> https://talawa.fr/media/roberdub-radio-on-valentines-day-dj-rob--UMqK0 Fri, 17 Feb 2017 16:48:50 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Radio Show >
1 Rainbow Country Sample by Bob Marley
2 Let Love In by Dennis Brown
3 Rub A Dub Style by Love Trio In Dub
4 I Want To Know + Dub - 12" (Darace Music -1983) by Eek A Mouse
5 Casanova by Jackie Mittoo
6 Lady by Wayne Wade
7 Sugar Sugar by Junior Byles
8 Girl A Weh Mi Love by Mikey Melody & Beenie Man
9 Natty Don't Fear by U-Roy
10 Give Some Love & Dub by Sugar Minott
11 Lover Dub by Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters
12 You're My Angel by Horace Andy
13 Shakey Girl (Special Extended Mix) by Jacob Miller
14 Me & Me Girl Gone Back & Dub by Echo Minott
15 Now That We've Found Love by Third World
16 Gonna Love You More 12" (Music Works 1982) - Dj VROOTS by Johnny Clarke
17 Love & Unity & Version by Jewels
18 Fly Natty Dread - 12" by Winston Fergus
19 You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) by Dawn Penn
20 Dread Dub (Eastwood dub) by King Tubby

Featuring : King Tubby, Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters, Dawn Penn, Dennis Brown, echo minott, Eek A Mouse, Horace Andy, Jackie Mittoo, Jacob Miller, Jewels, Johnny Clarke, Junior Byles, Love Trio In Dub, Mikey Melody & Beenie Man, Sugar Minott, Third World, U-Roy , Wayne Wade, Winston Fergus
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<![CDATA[Roberdub Radio - Ras Midas Can't Stop Rastaman Now]]> https://talawa.fr/media/roberdub-radio-ras-midas-cant-stop-rasta-N1WM5 Fri, 10 Feb 2017 01:08:43 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Radio Show >
1 Let the People Go & People's Dub 7" by Ras Midas
2 Jah Jah Same Love by Ras Midas
3 Can't Stop Rastaman Now by Ras Midas
4 Natty Dread Surprise (Disco 45) by Ras Midas
5 Rasta Revolution by Ras Midas
6 Kude A Bamba & Congo Dub - 7" 1976 by Ras Midas
7 Rain And Fire (Warrior Records) by Ras Midas
8 Blood In The Sky by Ras Midas
9 Stand Up Wise Up by Ras Midas
10 Melchizedek by Ras Midas
11 Make We Rock So by Ras Midas
12 Good Old Days 12" by Ras Midas

Featuring : Ras Midas
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<![CDATA[BOB MARLEY - RAINBOW COUNTRY MIX]]> https://talawa.fr/media/bob-marley-rainbow-country-mix-I030P Thu, 09 Feb 2017 12:03:55 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Mix Tape, Podcast .
.live -

Featuring : Rob le Dub
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<![CDATA[ROB & ANGz DUB - (HaPpY BIrThDaY VIDEO)]]> https://talawa.fr/media/rob-angz-dub-happy-birthday-video-d0AfV Thu, 09 Feb 2017 11:09:29 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Mix Tape, Podcast .
..live -

Featuring : Rob le Dub
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Total size : 4.57 MB • Total length : 0:05:33]]>
<![CDATA[Roberdub Radio - Inna Reggae Dub Redemption]]> https://talawa.fr/media/roberdub-radio-inna-reggae-dub-redemptio-cvQ2c Tue, 31 Jan 2017 14:09:28 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Radio Show >
1 Back Against The Wall & Dub - (Mystical Records) by King General
2 Jah Victory by Dubkasm ft Luciano
3 Suzie Wong by Jacob Miller
4 Suzie Wong & Dub 7" Single by Tyrone David
5 Rebel On The Roots Corner by Massive Dub Corporation ft Tippa Irie
6 The Rootstepa by Radikal Guru
7 Jahovia & Dub by Twinkle Brothers
8 Black Ark Come Again by Mad Professor & Lee Perry
9 Peeni Walli & Dub by Eek A Mouse
10 Do You Remember & I Spy-Maliscious Intent by Eek A Mouse & Linval Thompson & Scientist
11 Strange Things by Ronnie Davis
12 He Was a Friend by King Kong
13 Mrs Jones by Michael Levy
14 Lady (Full Version - Original Disco) by Wayne Wade
15 Every Lion 10'' by Zulu Dawn & Dubkasm

Featuring : King General, Dubkasm ft Luciano, Eek A Mouse, Eek A Mouse & Linval Thompson & Scientist, Jacob Miller, King Kong, Mad Professor & Lee Perry, Massive Dub Corporation ft Tippa Irie, Michael Levy, Radikal Guru, Ronnie Davis, Twinkle Brothers, Tyrone David, Wayne Wade, Zulu Dawn & Dubkasm
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<![CDATA[Roberdub Radio - Riddim of Reggae Sound Wise]]> https://talawa.fr/media/roberdub-radio-riddim-of-reggae-sound-wi-poKer Fri, 20 Jan 2017 19:47:56 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Radio Show >
1 Kill Ole Pan by King Everald
2 Rub A Dub Soldier by Paul Blake
3 Yoruba Dub - Sufferers Heights 12" - 1980 by Mikey Dread
4 Keep on running disco 45 - (1980 Joe Gibbs Music) by Jacob Miller & Welton Irie
5 Leggo Beast (Puppy) by I-Roy & Magnificent 7
6 Stop Youth Murder 7' Single by Connie Bell
7 Wha Dem A Go Do 7' & Dub - (Crystal D Records - 1987) by Horace Martin
8 Mr Cop & Dub by Gregory Isaacs
9 Frenemy 7' Single by Carl Meeks & Dubateers
10 Killer Sound 7' Single by Little Kirk
11 Blessings from the creator Version by Credential Roots
12 Mango Walk - 1979 Wackies 12" by The Chosen Brothers
13 Jahovah & Dub by Danny Red
14 Youthman - Jehu 7' Single by Credential Roots
15 Hog in a minty & Dub - (1985 Jammys) by Nitty Gritty
16 Live and Feel - 7' Single by Rootsman I
17 ArmaGiddeon Man & Dub - (LP Humble Commission 1985) by Reggae George
18 Dub Killer & Dub - (Iration Steppas Killer) by Ma Kaya

Featuring : Carl Meeks & Dubateers, Connie Bell, Credential Roots, Danny Red, Gregory Isaacs, Horace Martin, I-Roy & Magnificent 7, Jacob Miller & Welton Irie, King Everald, Little Kirk, Ma Kaya, Mikey Dread, nitty gritty, Paul Blake, Reggae George, Rootsman I, The Chosen Brothers
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<![CDATA[Roberdub Radio - Reggae Vibration in the Dub]]> https://talawa.fr/media/roberdub-radio-reggae-vibration-in-the-d-MDPZR Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:50:23 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Radio Show >
1 Can't Stop Me Now & Dub by Johnny Clarke
2 Praise His Name 12" -1983 by Barrington Levy
3 Don't Let Problems Get You Down 10'' & Dub by Horace Andy
4 Deliver Me From My Enemies by Yabby You
5 Ghetto Life (Archive Recordings) 7" 1982 - Dj VROOTS by Boom Back
6 Hard Time Pressure 12" & Dub by Sugar Minott & Captain Sinbad
7 Special Request 12" (1983 Greensleeves) by Don Carlos
8 Give Thanks and Praise & Dub by Prince Far I
9 Jah Guide & Dub -1979 by Trevor Byfield
10 Conquering Lion of Judah by The Ethiopians
11 Love Jah & Dub by Echo Roots Ft. Lancy Rankin
12 Loved By Everyone - Rebel No Devel & Dj Buzz by Prince Far I & Brigadier Jam Brown
13 Kiss Somebody by Johnny Osbourne
14 Row Fisherman & Dub by The Congos

Featuring : Barrington Levy, Boom Back, Don Carlos, Echo Roots Ft. Lancy Rankin, Horace Andy, Johnny Clarke, Johnny Osbourne, Prince Far I, Prince Far I & Brigadier Jam Brown, Sugar Minott & Captain Sinbad, The Congos, The Ethiopians, Trevor Byfield, Yabby You
Category : Audio > Radio Show
Total size : 1.21 GB • Total length : 24:06:26]]>
<![CDATA[Roberdub Radio - Sound Up Reggae & Dub]]> https://talawa.fr/media/roberdub-radio-sound-up-reggae-dub-F2XrD Thu, 05 Jan 2017 01:46:46 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Radio Show >
1.Police Officer (Extended Dub Mix) by Smiley Culture
2.Fire House Rock (12" mix) by Wailing Souls
3.Better Future by Errol Walker
4.Dreamland by Marcia Griffiths
5.Door Peep Shall Not Enter by Burning Spear
6.86 Flood + Version (Revolution Riddim) by Cocoa Tea
7.Creator dub - Blood dunza-Blood dub 12" by Johnny Clarke-Jah Creator
8.Easy Brethren Easy by Gregory Isaacs
9.Oh My Brother + Dub by Raphie Meets Martin Campbell
10.Power Of Love b-w King Tubby's In Fine Style by The Aggrovators
11.Frontline Speech (feat Prince Far I) by Creation Rebel
12.Don't Run Away 7'' + Version by Michael Levy
13.One In Ten by UB40
14.One In Ten (dub version) by Ub40

Featuring : Burning Spear, Cocoa Tea, Creation Rebel, Errol Walker, Gregory Isaacs, Johnny Clarke-Jah Creator, Marcia Griffiths, Raphie Meets Martin Campbell, Smiley Culture, The Aggrovators, Ub40, Wailing Souls
Category : Audio > Radio Show
Total size : 1,017.94 MB • Total length : 19:03:12]]>
<![CDATA[Roberdub Radio - Reggae on Dub Ground]]> https://talawa.fr/media/roberdub-radio-reggae-on-dub-ground-Jd3ew Sat, 24 Dec 2016 05:44:02 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Radio Show >
1.Hillview Terrace Dub by The Scientist
2.Copper Shot Dub (Music Is My Occupation) by The Scientist
3.Warrior Stance (12'' & Dub) by Dread & Fred
4.Alien In Out A Space by Lee 'Scratch' Perry
5.Hi-Fi Gets a Pounding (part 1 & 2) by Dub Syndicate
6.Ishen Dub by Natty I
7.Rasta Chase by Mad Professor
8.Rain And Fire (Warrior Records) by Ras Midas
9.Rasta by Jah Cure (Manwel T dub mix)
10.Raise A Voice by Zion Train (Manwel T binghi mix)
11.Music & Silence Lover by Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Dub Syndicate
12.Chalice A Fe Dub by King Tubby's meets Scientist
13.Golden by Alien Dread
14.Wickedest Dub by King Tubby's meets Scientist
15.Jungle (Big Hot Plate) by Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Dub Syndicate
16.Over Board by Dub Syndicate
17.Out & About by Dub Syndicate
18.It's Me ( Hold On Riddim ) - Dubwise Selecta by U Brown
19.Higher Hei by Mystical Warrior
20.Sugar Sugar (Discomix) by Big Youth & Junior Byles
21.False Dub by Jacob Miller
22.I'm Coming Home Tonight (Can't Break dub) by King Tubby's meets Scientist
23.Dub my Cup by Prince Jamo

Featuring : Manwel T, Mystical Warrior, Alien Dread, Big Youth & Junior Byles, dread & fred, Dub Syndicate, Dubwise Selecta, Jah Cure, Johnny Clarke, King Tubby's, LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY, Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Dub Syndicate, Mad Professor, Natty I, Ras Midas, Scientist, U Brown, Zion Train
Category : Audio > Radio Show
Total size : 1.77 GB • Total length : 32:49:12]]>
<![CDATA[Roberdub Radio - Reggae Shine on Dub]]> https://talawa.fr/media/roberdub-radio-reggae-shine-on-dub-rQDHO Fri, 23 Dec 2016 20:49:52 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Radio Show >
1.Promised Land Riddim Mix - Dubwise Selecta Hard Riddim by Dennis Brown Johnny Osbourne General Levy
2.Police In Helicopter - (Greensleeves 12" classic) by John Holt
3.Police & Thieves Riddim Medley by Junior Murvin - (Mixed by Dubwise Selecta)
4.It No Good to stay in a White Man Country too Long by Mutabaruka
5.Black Rose by Dub Dynasty ft. Ras Tinny
6.Love revolutionaries by Zion Train
7.Mental Freedom & Dub by Kibir La Amlak
8.Love We A Deal With by Big Youth & Jah Disciple
9.Jah Guide And Protect Me by Tenor Saw
10.Wicked them wicked by Bush Chemists ft. King General
11.We Rule & DubbyThe Dubateers
12.Dubplate Master by Mungo's Hi Fi ft. Yellowman & Mr Williamz
13.Mad Man Dubwise by Lee Perry & Mad Professor
14.Holy Mount Zion - (Dub Terminator Remix) by Bandulu Dub ft. Sammy Gold
15.Meltdown - (Tuff Scout 106) by Robert Lee
16.Got To Be Conscious by Bush Chemists & King General
17.Jah Light & Dub by Judah Eskender Tafari
18.Big Dub Session by Bashenti Sound

Featuring : Kibir La Amlak, Bandulu Dub ft. Sammy Gold, Bashenti sound, Big Youth & Jah Disciple, Bush Chemists ft. King General, Dennis Brown, Dub Dynasty ft. Ras Tinny, Dubwise Selecta, John Holt, Judah Eskender Tafari, Junior Murvin, Lee Perry & Mad Professor, Mungo's Hi Fi ft. Yellowman & Mr Williamz, Mutabaruka, Robert Lee - meltdown + dub, tenor saw, The Dubateers, Zion Train
Category : Audio > Radio Show
Total size : 1.64 GB • Total length : 34:17:24]]>
<![CDATA[Roberdub Radio - Interview Ras Midas the One Love Revolution]]> https://talawa.fr/media/roberdub-radio-interview-ras-midas-the-o-gOjCa Tue, 13 Dec 2016 00:15:04 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Radio Show >
Website Ras Midas https://www.rasmidas.com
Album ​​​​RASTAMAN IN EXILE https://www.rasmidas.com/store.html
Email and any Question or Contact on Ras Midas INFO@RasMidas.com Media Contact: Nan Lewis / Entertainment Works Email Nan.Lewis@Entertainment-Works.biz Telephone +1 904 249 2523 EST Twitter @EW4Reggae http://www.Entertainment-Works.biz’

Featuring : Ras Midas
Category : Audio > Radio Show
Total size : 64.84 MB • Total length : 1:43:16]]>
<![CDATA[Roberdub Radio - Reggae & Dub Vibes]]> https://talawa.fr/media/roberdub-radio-reggae-dub-vibes-I8PS3 Fri, 02 Dec 2016 22:54:25 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Radio Show >
1.Ina Jah Children by Dhaima
2.Bob Marley - Them Belly Full Version 1974 by Bob Marley
3.Keep On Running (original 12' Disco mix) by Jacob Miller & Welton Irie
4.Good Old Days 12'' by Ras Midas
5.Fade Away by Junior Byles
6.King by Ub40, Ali, Astro & Mickey
7.Disco Devil 12" by Lee Scratch Perry
8.Stand Up Wise Up by Ras Midas
9.Natty Dread Suprise (Disco 45) by Ras Midas
10.Heavy Manners by Prince Far I
11.Every Time a Ear de Sound by Mutabaruka
12.Street 66 by Linton Kwesi Johnson
13.Pass The Cup (12" A - Extended version) by Aswad
14.Kude A Bamba' + 'Congo Dub' - 7" 1976 by Ras Midas
15.Running Up And Down by Dennis Brown & Big Youth
16.Pass The Cup (12" A - Extended version) by Aswad
17.Dance Of The Vampires by Scientist
18.Your Teeth In My Neck by Scientist
19.Bass temperatur by High Tone
20.Jah Victory (feat Luciano) by Dubkasm

Featuring : Bob Marley, Aswad, Dennis Brown & Big Youth, Dhaima, Dubkasm, High Tone, Jacob Miller & Welton Irie, Junior Byles, Lee Scratch Perry, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Mutabaruka, Prince Far I, Ras Midas, Scientist, Ub40, Ali, Astro & Mickey
Category : Audio > Radio Show
Total size : 1.34 GB • Total length : 28:52:45]]>
<![CDATA[Roberdub Radio - A Medley Upon Dub]]> https://talawa.fr/media/roberdub-radio-a-medley-upon-dub-SsQOm Sun, 27 Nov 2016 00:49:08 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Radio Show >
1.Rootsman Dub by Solomon Jabby
2.System Dub by Manudub
3.Righteous Dub by Jah Billah
4.Majesty by Ya Bass
5.Dub el Step by Don Fe
6.Thunder Clap by Augustus Pablo
7.Soul Fire by Lee Perry
8.A Serious Version by Lee Perry
9.Black Gunn by Augustus Pablo
10.Ravin Dub by King Tubby's
11.Chalice A Fe Dub (Full Up) by King Tubby's
12.Till Your Well Runs Dry by Peter Tosh
13.Walk by Burning Spear
14.Wellie by Dub Syndicate
15.O Rastaman (Extended Mix) by Burning Spear
16.Baby I Love You So by Augustus Pablo - Jacob Miller
17.Kiss The Champion by Lee "Scratch" Perry
18.Ghetto Dub by King Tubby's
19.Wickedes Dub by King Tubby's
20.Rockers Rock by Augustus Pablo

Featuring : Manudub, Don Fe, Jah Billah, Augustus Pablo, Burning Spear, Dub Syndicate, Jacob Miller, King Tubby's, Lee, Lee Perry, Peter Tosh, Solomon Jabby, Ya Bass
Category : Audio > Radio Show
Total size : 1.09 GB • Total length : 19:31:31]]>
<![CDATA[Roberdub Radio - A Reggae Requiem into Dub]]> https://talawa.fr/media/roberdub-radio-a-reggae-requiem-into-dub-M29w6 Thu, 24 Nov 2016 08:13:37 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Radio Show >
1.Punky Reggae Party Remix by Bob Marley - Z-Trip and Lee 'Scratch' Perry
2.Marcus Garvey & Ring & Dubs (10" - 2007) by Vibronics & Kanka
3.Building Rome 1999 by Zion Train
4.Wicked Shall Fall by Dubzonic
5.Protect The Earth (Extended) by Paulette Wright
6.Haile Selassie I War Speech feat Bob Marley by Bashenti Sound
7.Follow Like Wolves (Original 12" Mix) by Zion Train
8.Is This Love - (Soke Remix) by Bob Marley
9.Long Hair Man (Seed Organization Remix) by Bandulu Dub
10.Marcus Garvey & Ring & Dubs (10" - 2007) by Vibronics & Kanka
11.Give Jah The Glory - A Glorious Version by Jah Stitch
12.Mr. Terror by Dub Terror
13.Blood Stained Dress by Dandulu Dub
14.Battlefield (Tuff Scout TUF 103) by Robert Lee
15.Let There Be Peace by Lexie feat Deenie Ranks AKA Fire Element
16.Cosmic Dub Clash - (10" - 2007) by Martin Campbell Vs Alien Dread
17.Rasta Deh Yah & Version by Jah Shaka
18.Far East - Dubwise by Singie Shanti
19.Cosmic Dub Clash - (10" - 2007) by Martin Campbell Vs Alien Dread

Featuring : Bob Marley, Bandulu Dub, Bashenti sound, Bob Marley - Z-Trip and Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Dub Terror, Dubzonic, Jah Shaka, Jah Stitch, Lexie. feat. Deenie Ranks AKA Fire Element, Martin Campbell Vs Alien Dread, Paulette Wright, Robert lee, Singie Shanti, Vibronics & Kanka, Zion Train
Category : Audio > Radio Show
Total size : 1.31 GB • Total length : 26:32:45]]>
<![CDATA[Roberdub Radio - A Request for Dub Reggae]]> https://talawa.fr/media/roberdub-radio-a-request-for-dub-reggae-27Ylh Wed, 16 Nov 2016 20:31:30 +0100 Rob Le Dub Audio > Radio Show >
1.Roberdub Tune by Rob le Dub
2.Bright Lights, Dirty Dubs by Braindead
3.Cop on Fire by Antifa Dub
4.Come and Play by Dubioza Kolektiv
5.Firma Ilegal by Dubioza Kolektiv
6.Dub in the Mountain by Black Uhuru
7.Rub-A-Dub Anthem (feat. Pupa Jim) by High Tone
9.Paradise by Dub Inc
10.Better Run by Dub Inc
11.No Doubt by Dub Inc
12.Some Eek a Mouse Tunes by Eek a Mouse
13.Drift Away From Evil & Dub by Cultural Roots
14.Fisher Man by The Congos
15.Give Thanks & Praise & Dub by Jimmy Riley
16.Oh My Brother & Dub by Raphie Meets Martin Campbell
17.We Want Our Liberty by Lenroy Swaby

Featuring : Rob le Dub, Dub Inc, Black Uhuru, Braindead, Cop on Fire, Cultural Roots, Dubioza Kolektiv, Eek-A-Mouse, High Tone, Jimmy Riley, Lenroy Swaby, Raphie Meets Martin Campbell, The Congos
Category : Audio > Radio Show
Total size : 1.12 GB • Total length : 22:08:10]]>