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All music are composed by Santi Mijarra
Lyrics by Payoh Soul Rebel, Mighty Mike & Prento.
Rhythms laid by Bass Culture Players between 2008-2014
Produced & mixed by Puppa Shan @ Discoinferno Studio (Madrid)
Executive producers Irieonair Music / Lafamille Music
Mastered @ Soundivine Studio (July 2014, Italy)
Art & concept: Santi Mijarra
Art video editing by RASmighty, Sweden


Foundation EP is Bass Culture Players last production.
An advance for the Showcase that will be immediately released under the same name.
It sees the light after the Dub Box edited in 2010, the last LP from the Players, which was followed by other singles from Discoinferno stable.
This is the return of Bass Culture Players studio band, a large group of artists from across the whole peninsula.
Four original pieces that encompass the Roots sound from the 70s and early 80s.
Puppa Shan production is the keystone that unfolds the wide musical spectrum in these four tracks, and the dub mixes rediscovers each and every one of them.


Payoh Soul Rebel is a young artist settled in Valencia, currently lead vocalist in Jah Macetas, one of the first and ground-breaking Spanish reggae bands.
His versatility can be tracked down in his recent recordings, but “Forgiveness” from Foundation EP displays his whole soulful potential.
A unique tone, invaded by the Mediterranean light and warmth.

Prento is one of the big surprises in Madrid reggae scene of this year.
Early 2014 witnessed his debut with his clairvoyant “No time”, but now he surprises us for his deep serenity in “Stop this Madness”.
His name might sound new, but his voice reveals that he is been on the road for a while.

Mighty Mike is the unclassifiable voice from the one-of-a-kind band Blueskank. Known for his varied registers, form acoustic to electric, this track will still surprise you because of his profound delivery. “Reggae Life Composer” is simply irresistible.

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<![CDATA[[irie006] Echo&Reverb All Stars - Blac Box Ep "Special Ed."]]> https://talawa.fr/media/irie006-echoreverb-all-stars-blac-box-ep-SFOaW Tue, 20 May 2014 00:17:22 +0200 irieonair Audio > Production IRIEONAIR gives 4 tracks in free download but the full CD is available! Please contact us for info!


The musicians are:
• Ariel Romero: bass
• Lolo “Steady” Gòmez: guitar
• Pablo Dread: keys, effects and percussions
• Pedro Chaves: bass, piano and lead guitar
• Fredie Gee “Goldfinger”: keys, organs and synths
• Isaiah Zambrano: piano, organs, synths, guitar and melodica
• Marcos “Musayah Barret” Conejero: drum, percussions and guitar
• Vox on track 1 “Criminal”: Kishah Bensusan Arroyo (Spain)
• Vox on track 2 “Rocky Road”: Almighty Dread (Jamaica/Spain)
• Vox on track 3 “Fitest of the fitest”: Raphie Arenas (USA - California)
• Vox on track 4 “Cristopher Colombo”: The Matt Disciple (KA Records - France)
• Vox on track 5 “Stranger”: Zoe Garchi (Spain)

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<![CDATA[[irie005] Monkey Jhayam - Dance]]> https://talawa.fr/media/irie005-monkey-jhayam-dance-CpoTL Sun, 23 Mar 2014 19:39:57 +0100 irieonair Video > Other video Dance is a positive vibration for me and for you!

--> Feelin' irie everyday and let the music flow

Featuring : RASmighty Ruff Video 2014
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<![CDATA[[irie005] Monkey Jhayam - Dance]]> https://talawa.fr/media/irie005-monkey-jhayam-dance-U77Lu Sat, 01 Feb 2014 02:13:46 +0100 irieonair Audio > Production Vocal by MONKEY JHAYAM (São Paulo – Brazil)
Produced by MARCIO “Almighty Producer of Digikal Stepper” outa DUB MOVEMENT (Fortaleza – Brazil)
Mix, Dubwise & Mastering by RUSS DISCIPLE (Uk)
Executive producer DUB DESCENDANTS (Brazil)
Covers, graphics and ruff video editing by RASmighty

Dubplate, booking and managements: gurilaurbano@hotmail.com Facebook: facebook.com/rankingjhayam
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/monkeyjhayam
www.irieonair.com | irieonair@gmail.com
The musics and artworks are released under Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 4.0 You can read full license and legal code at this link: creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/legalcode

Born in April 1988 in the eastern outskirts of São Paulo (Brazil), Monkey Jhayam tackles in his letters to the reality of all residents of peripheries of the world , withinfluences coming from perceptible rockers reggae, rap, punk, Brazilian’popular music among other parts ! Activist since 2000, musician and composer since 1998, the primary focus of his work is to raise awareness, to rescue our roots and origins through studies, translating theory into practice in the experience, expressing through his writings and melodies in the midst of all positive times difficult, denouncing any plan for domination with the great Babylonian alienated masses by means of telecommunications media, thus multiplying the seed of love, peace and well through waves of sound energy!
He has released his first mix tape as MC titled "Independence or Death" in 2010, a total of 9 songs with strong influences of rap, funk and soul with participation of several renowned Brazilian’ producers. With national distribution and great return of listeners could take their show to several regions of Brazil.
Since then, he recorded many singles and participated with various singers and reggae-dub’ producers, including Radikal Guru (Poland), Audiocombo Carolina Froza, Radiola Dub, Black Redemption (Ny), Jiang Liang (China), Dubplay, Dubbing Sun (Austria), Alpha and Omega (UK) among others. After working alongside major teams sound system of São Paulo as Africa Mãe do Leão, Dubversão, Quilombo Hi Fi, Garage sounds, Leggo Violence among others, was invited to join the team in which Blackstar Inity today is Mc/Toaster beside Ualê of figure and Liones Laylah has since completed sections with teams from several states as Rockers Sound System (MS), Radiola Capixaba (ES), HazeDub (PR), Dub Movement (CE) and Digital Dubs (RJ).
Currently working on the graphics for a cd titled DOIZMILEDUB. Also in the studio finishing phase mixing and editing an album with 12 new songs with band Qg Imperial Gustah production and recording at Red Station I, slated for the second half of 2013. In February 2014 Monkey Jhayam released a single titled “DANCE” distributed by Irieonair Inity Music, roots-dub (net)Label, a deep tune included ina Doizmiledub album out on 2014.

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<![CDATA[[irie004] Dubzoic - This is my prayer Remix]]> https://talawa.fr/media/irie004-dubzoic-this-is-my-prayer-remix-WIo7V Sat, 22 Dec 2012 23:31:03 +0100 irieonair Audio > Production Original song by Alpha&Omega with Jonah Dan
Mixed by Wahid
Distributed by Irieonair Inity Music
Painting by Venda Irie (facebook.com/Vendairie)

Downloadable on official website:

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<![CDATA[IRIEONAIR INITY MESSAGE (Special Jingle)]]> https://talawa.fr/media/irieonair-inity-message-special-jingle-VwPUR Sun, 29 Jul 2012 23:55:52 +0200 irieonair Video > Other video
Featuring : Lowcut, Rasmighty, Sista Sara
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<![CDATA[[irie003] Dubzoic - Feel Complete]]> https://talawa.fr/media/irie003-dubzoic-feel-complete-FwtPJ Wed, 29 Feb 2012 21:42:11 +0100 irieonair Audio > Production The sound identity is the result of LowCut & G.I.O. input and research that, through various dub sessions, end up creating and producing the first memorable dub compositions. Right afterwards the project expands and sees the new collaboration of Jsd (Vocals). At a later stage in 2008, also VCF (Synth & FX) and SistaSara (Vocals) join the Dubzoic adventure as permanent members.

"Feel Complete" is released for IRIEONAIR (net)Label in 2012, 1st March downloadable for free on the official web site at this link: http://www.irieonair.com
All files are under Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 3.0 Italy

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<![CDATA[[irie002] Dub Engine - Dub Engine EP]]> https://talawa.fr/media/irie002-dub-engine-dub-engine-ep-NZNP2 Sun, 01 Jan 2012 22:36:05 +0100 irieonair Audio > Production Released for IRIEONAIR (net)Label in 2010, 1st January is downloadable for free on the official web site at this link: http://www.irieonair.com

All files are under Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 3.0 Italy

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<![CDATA[[irie001] Jonny De Ambassador - Soul Revolution]]> https://talawa.fr/media/irie001-jonny-de-ambassador-soul-revolut-hctRs Sun, 01 Jan 2012 21:39:31 +0100 irieonair Audio > Production Released for IRIEONAIR (net)Label in 2009, 1st ctober is downloadable for free on the official web site at this link:


All files are under Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND 3.0 Italy

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